ClojureScript: Fun and productive web development with next level tooling - Christian Johansen

ClojureScript is a functional programming language - a LISP, even - that compiles to JavaScript, and packs a great web development experience. While you might not have used it directly, chances are that some of its philosophies have still reached you: together with its JVM counterpart Clojure, it helped popularize immutable data, and popular tools like Redux are directly inspired by core ClojureScript language features.

In this talk I'll show you all the things that makes ClojureScript such a fun and productive web development tool: the REPL, truly interactive component-driven development, functional programming, a rich standard library, and a toolchain that just works. If you like the tight feedback loop of TDD/auto testing and hot reload, you will absolutely love how the REPL literally places you inside your running application. There will be live coding and fun times.

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