Clixsy:Unfiltered Episode 7 Growth Driven Design Vs Traditional Web Design

Have you ever thought there was something you wanted to change about your website, but the thought of doing another redesign project gave you nightmares?You imagine the pain of having to determine who will do the work, then explain what you want and be sure they understand it, and the huge upfront costs and waiting weeks or months for it to be completed, and then numerous rounds of revisions.But the nightmare isn’t over. After suffering through this process you’re told by an SEO guy, or a PPC guy “your website doesn’t convert” or that it needs updating.“HOW!?” you ask exasperated. And then follow the words I’ve heard hundreds of times “WE JUST GOT A NEW WEBSITE!”I’ve seen hundreds of website projects. I’ve spent thousands of hours talking to business owners about it. If you know what Clixsy does, I’m typically the guy bearing the bad news that their website is costing them hard-earned dollars because the traffic they worked so hard to get through branding, SEO, and Paid Traffic like PPC, just isn’t turning into as many leads and opportunities as it should.If any of this feels familiar, I’ve got great news to share with you. It doesn’t have to be like that, and it wasn’t your fault that it went like that all those other times.It’s just that often web designers can fall victim to the old “if you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail” trap. But there is a different way you can think about improving your website in a way that ACTUALLY impacts bottom-line results and revenue.It’s known as Growth-Driven Design. There are a few different takes on this concept and by no means am I saying that traditional web design isn’t appropriate still in some circumstances.But it may be insufficient in all circumstances.Many Firms and businesses will use Focus Groups to tell them more about what’s needed. This can potentially help, but it may also hurt.What if instead, you were able to take each individual who comes to your website, in real-time and just have a conversation with them. What if you could pause reality and just have a chat and find out more about why they came, what they need, how you can help, and whether or not your website was a good resource at that very moment. The moment they are trying to make a decision.Well of course that’s a bit outside our capabilities today but it may not be all that far from what’s possible.Let’s examine the pros & cons of doing traditional web design vs GDD.Traditional Design Process Pros
* There’s a fixed timeline. You know (somewhat) when it’ll end. Typically it’s a 2-6 month process.
* This gives you some peace of mind as you know when you can move forward
* It’s familiar - you’re not dealing with the unknown
* Single Expense - you pay one time (upfront, or tiered upon completion of milestones)

Traditional Design Process Cons
* Large upfront cost
* Doesn’t account for changes such as feature requests, misunderstandings, new requirements, and market shifts.
All of which can lead to
* Cost increases
* Extended Deadlines
* Results are guided by custom, instinct, & preference but are not informed by users and data
* Esthetics are favored over the user's experience
* Final result is months away

Growth-Driven Design Pros
* Costs are spread out and smaller upfront
* Faster initial launch
* User data and experiments dictate decisions
* Monthly learning and updating
* Can focus on just one problem at a time
* Findings from one problem can inform others and speed up the overall progress and quality of the site/final project

Growth-Driven Design Cons
* Ongoing Project
* New Unfamiliar Process
* The entire website esthetic won’t change all at once

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