Climate Change Hackathon.

Ku soo dhawaada (welcome). We’d like to welcome you to our Climate Change Hackathon Grand Finale.

Watch as participating teams come together to pitch us their final solution. Join us as we bridge the world of tech and sustainability and think broadly about how we can work towards solving pressing real-world problems

The frequency of climate-related crises in Somali territories is increasing. More than 30 climate-related hazards, including droughts and floods, have hit the country since 1990. Research has shown that climate change's most devastating impacts are felt by the communities closest to us.
SiT's Climate Change Hackathon will be an opportunity to highlight the challenges faced by those on the ground. It also encourages you to think in new and innovative ways about technology. How can we bridge tech with the wider world and use digital solutions to have a sustainable impact?

We will be joined by our judging panel:

Amal Hussein: Principal Software Engineer at Indigo.
Yusuf Ahmed: Regional Director for East Africa at Islamic Relief
Web design
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