Client Onboarding - Complete walkthrough

Rachel will cover her full process of onboarding / off-boarding clients including the way she is using Asana to manage the process.

00:00 Intro
02:03 Onboarding tools overview (project management, contracts, communication)
06:03 Project Management with Asana
12:00 Onboarding email
14:30 Welcome pdf
20:10 Contract
22:00 Onboarding clients on Asana
23:14 Kick-off call
23:54 Off-boarding tips
24:23 Final off-boarding call
25:34 Final invoice
25:53 Delivering assets and off-boarding presentation
26:41 Testimonial and feedback form
27:45 Discount for future collaborations and referrals
28:34 Check-in with clients later on
29:30 Overview

Tools Mentioned:
Flux Notion Template (free) -
Asana -

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