ClickDesigns x ClickFunnels

Learn how to effectively use ClickDesigns with Clickfunnels!

As you know, we used ClickFunnels to create all our sales pages for ClickDesigns. We did this WITHOUT a programmer, designer or coder.
Here are the EXACT steps we used:

Step 1: Create graphics/designs in ClickDesigns.
Step 2: Add those graphics/designs to ClickFunnels.
Step 3: Go LIVE!

ClickFunnels provides the framework for landing pages, sales pages, webinar pages etc. There are over 100,000 users and MOST of them are hiring designers to get the pages they want.

Some users have bought ClickFunnels and are sitting, scratching and fiddling with their thumbs waiting for their graphics. It's been a week (or more). They're losing money but there is nothing they can do about it.
These ClickFunnelers do NOT have ClickDesigns and this video shows you how you can create what they want, today for
Web design
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