Chrome Developer Tools Course - learn Web Development

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Chrome Developer Tools Course - learn Web Development
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Learn Chrome DevTools to edit, debug, test and optimize your web apps
Edit websites on-the-fly,Test ideas and quickly make some design changes,Add workspaces and persist changes to disk,Use command menu,Debug JavaScript code,Set breakpoints,Use Console Log and other commands,Improve load and runtime performance,Analyze security issues,Find memory leaks and fix memory problems,Make audit and improve website's google ranking,Inspect and Debug Progressive Web Apps
basic knowledge of html, css and/or javascript (for debugging),Google Chrome is currently one of the most popular web browsers used by web developers today, but most people only know about the most basic features. Chrome Developer Tools provide deeper access to the web applications and knowledge of additional features can increase productivity and your work speed.,During the course you will learn such things as..,Inspect and Edit HTML and CSS,Debug JavaScript,Set Breakpoints,Console Logs and other Commands,Use Snippets,Add Workspaces and Persist Changes to Disk,View and Remove Browser Storage,Examine Network and Resources,Analyze Memory and Security Problems,Optimize Critical Rendering Path,Discover useful tools,Test and Optimize Performance,Perform Audits,Optimize Website's Speed,This course consists of 3 main sections: editing, debugging, testing and optimizing performance. We'll walk through each of 9 panels of Chrome's developer tools and learn all the great, useful things they can do.,After finishing this course you'll be able  to use your new knowledge in developing faster and better apps!,web-developersweb-designerssoftware developersproject/product managers,web-developers,web-designers,software developers,project/product managers
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