Change Video Start Time Tutorial: How to Share a Link to a Specific Time in YouTube?

In today's video tutorial we'll learn how to share a link to a specific time or start time in a YouTube video, in a simple, fast and effective method.
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Notice: Visit YouTube in a desktop browser. Click Share. Select the Start with a check box. Enter the time when the video starts. copy. The link at the specified time in the video is now stored in the clipboard. This article explains how to share a specific time in a YouTube video on a desktop browser. It also includes information about solutions for mobile devices and how to make manual time stamps.

How to create a link to a specific time in a YouTube video When you only want to display a specific segment of the video, linking to a specific time in the YouTube video is a good trick-especially when the video is very long and the segment starts to play for a few minutes After that, the content you want to share will appear. You can easily link to the exact part of any YouTube video on your desktop browser. Go to YouTube.com, find the video you want to share, and follow these instructions. Click Share directly below the video.

In the pop-up box, check the box next to "Start with."
Enter the time you want the video to start. If you press the share button at the exact moment you want the video to start playing, the correct time may already be listed. Select Copy to copy the time-stamped URL. You may notice that the link has changed to include some extra characters. These extra characters are used to tell YouTube to link to the selected specific time. Paste the link wherever you want or choose any social sharing button to share. Anyone who opens your link will start watching the video at the time you specify.

Why is it important to link to a specific time
Internet users’ attention span is short, so forcing someone to watch even 4 or 5 minutes of video, the best part of which doesn’t start until halfway is enough to make them give up and close the video impatiently because of frustration.

There are thousands of great videos worth sharing on YouTube. These videos may be as long as a few minutes or more than an hour. If you want to share an hour-long video of a public speech on Facebook, your friends may appreciate the fact that you link the exact time in the video to the speech time on a related topic that may be of interest to them. More and more people are watching YouTube on mobile devices more than ever before (this largely explains the shorter attention span). They don't have time to sit down and read long introductions and other irrelevant parts and then learn about the good things.

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