Case Study on Zoom UI UX - The Top Video Conferencing App

Zoom has been used widely during this pandemic. But what made it so highly popular? The answer is Zoom UI UX and a bit of promotion. From education to handling professional work, Zoom has made every virtual dream come to reality. According to FYI, near to 89% of the people worldwide are using the Zoom app as a platform to conduct their work.

The pandemic also made it impossible to hang-out together. So Zoom UX helped people to connect online during this pandemic. According to the same page, 69% of the world’s total population has been using Zoom to connect to their dear ones. So, if you are wondering about developing an app like Zoom, what will be the cost of developing it or just thinking what makes Zoom such a success, then hold your breath!

Since this video is going to answer all your questions.

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