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# UI/UX is the trending topic among the current students. Students are thinking this is the best career choice. But at the same time had many question's in their mind. In this video we tried to answer some of their question like what is the future of UI/UX, career opportunities etc.

My today's guest is Manasa Rao. She is a Computer engineer, now working as a Product designer (UI UX designer) in Dukaan , which is an early stage startup in Bangalore.

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# Timecode

0:00 Introduction
0:48 Difference between UI n UX
3:00 What exactly UI UX designer do?
3:55 What make up your mind to select this field as a career path?
6:40 Skillsets required for UI UX designer
7:10 Is it a good career option in terms of money or being a successful?
8:10 Pay difference being a software developer and UI UX designer
9:28 Most important skills for UI UX designer
11:00 Does a degree certificate necessary
12:42 Suggest any online certification program or the resources available
13:35 Present status of UI UX industry in India
15:08 Is it difficult to get well paying job?
16:09 Future career opportunities
17:30 which is better graphics designer or UI UX designer
18:15 How to create own design portfolio
22:08 Message for fellow students
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