CalyxOS Review | 3 weeks with a DeGoogled Phone | Secure & Private Mobile OS

It's time to DeGoogle your phone and take back some of your privacy. CalyxOS contains features and options not found in most mobile device manufacturers' official firmware. Included are phone dialer interaction with encrypted calling apps like Signal and WhatsApp, Tor integration, and free VPN services provided by The Calyx Institute and other non-profits like Riseup. DuckDuckGo is the primary search engine, and DuckDuckGo's Android browser is the default web browser in CalyxOS. MicroG is also included in CalyxOS as a privacy-enhancing substitute for some of the Google Play Services features. CalyxOS has also led the development of SeedVault an encrypted backup and restore application for integration into Android based Operating systems and which has been adopted in LineageOS, GrapheneOS, and others.

SeedVault, an encrypted backup and restoration solution for Android-based operating systems that has been used by LineageOS, GrapheneOS, and others, was also developed by CalyxOS.

By default, the operating system strives to maintain the Android security model, taking full advantage of Android's Verified Boot system of cryptographic signature and running with a closed boot loader. Apple has recently been in the news for spying on it's users, installing CalyxOS will help you reclaim some privacy in the digital world.

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Background - 00:00
Why use a custom OS? - 01:28
What is CalyxOS - 02:19
Review - First Impressions - 02:46
Bundled Apps - 03:18
Home Screen comparison - 03:46
No Google Account Required - 04:33
Supported Devices - 04:43
microG Bundled - 04:53
Default Browser - 05:18
Stock Camera - 05:30
Default Search Engine - 05:45
Insecure Call Warning - 05:55
Datura Firewall - 06:08
Battery Life - 06:28
Notification Rant - 06:38
CalyxOS Verified Boot - 07:29
Final thoughts - 08:01

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