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Hello there. Welcome to Marvel Marketing web design services in Calgary, Alberta. My name is Ryan. I am the founder of Marvel Marketing, and I'm so happy to see you here on our website.
So this video, I just want to talk to you a little bit about our Calgary web design services and why Marvel marketing could be a really good fit for your brand.
Marvel marketing has been designing websites in Calgary since 2014. This is where everything started.
I am very confident that we can build any website that your business needs because we have the team and the resources to do so.
We're going to start here at hiring a web design agency. So there are a few things you want to look at when you're looking to hire a website design agency in Calgary.
The most important thing I think is the mobile responsive design because a lot of people are going to be searching and using a website on a mobile device.
So when you're looking for an agency, you want to make sure that the agency is going to build your website on a mobile responsive platform and do it in a way that people can visit your site on any device and have it displayed properly.
Number two is 24/7 security.
SEO and site performance is very important as well because you know, when you're building your website it just saves a lot of time in the long run. The most common and easy-to-use platform is WordPress. I'd say about 90% of our WordPress or our website design is done on WordPress.
It's also really easy to expand. So if you're a growing business or a new business, you can build a website and easily add that website using WordPress. It's just one of the most popular platforms out there. If you're, if you're an e-com company, e-commerce company selling items on on the, on the web, you, there is an option for word precedents w will commerce, as you can see here, but I always recommend that you, if you're going to do e-commerce sales online, you want to jump to Shopify that that I think is the best platform to do that. And then there's Drupal, which we can also do at our agency.
And like it says, here, it's an open-source CMS platform. It's been behind some of the major websites, including the economist site and the number of university sites. The other thing that we offer here at Marvel marketing is website redesign services. Maybe the colors changed and you need your new logo updated. So that's what we do. We do website redesign services for lots of different businesses.
And there's three main types of web design. There's the static, HTML, CMC, or dynamic, which, you know, 99% of people do or businesses do.
And then there's the e-commerce online store, which like I was saying, if you're doing e-commerce, I really suggest that you do Shopify.
So, you know, there's some reading material here for you to go after and more here to help you decide which one you want to go after, you know, WordPress, Shopify custom web development.
And so on here, you can see how our, our Calgary web design process works. We start with a consultation with you.
Most of our websites get done between 45 and 60 days. It just really depends on how extensive your website's going to be.
These are a couple of different of our previous clients that we, that we have worked with and currently work with.
So the cost of a website design and Calgary varies drastically just really depends on what you want. It's almost like building a car, a car can start MSRP at $15,000, but by the time you're done adding everything to it, that $15,000 can become $50,000.
So it just really depends what you want. So a small business really starts at $1,500 and it goes up from there.
And this is usually between five and 10 pages. We provide you a basic mock-up of the site and includes a contact form contact page copywriting is optional.
So the price will change depending on how much copywriting you want us to do and all of our websites, it doesn't matter what it is.
It's always going to be mobile friendly. We're never going to build a website that is not mobile friendly. Then we go through a professional, which can be a, you know, an established business, you know, they're ready to take it to the next level.
They have more services, more pages they want to write up. And that's what we do here. You know, you're looking at around $5,000 and up, and then we go to corporates or usually e-commerce where there's a lot more pages, you know, 25 to 150 pages, and we get the full mock up et cetera.
And we're looking at about $10,000 plus.

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