Building with Eleventy — prototyping Women of Jamstack — launching on IWD 2022

Take a trip back in time to a live stream where I prototyped Women of Jamstack, live on Twitch.

This site is built with Eleventy and is open source.

The biggest takeaway from this is that you can launch a website ANY TIME! The design doesn't have to be perfect — what's stopping you from putting that site on that domain? Put it live!

Gotta love a good YOLO deploy!

Check out the site: https://womenofjamstack.com

0:00 Intro
0:46 Bootstrapping the Eleventy project files
1:25 Setting up Sass and npm scripts
1:50 Setting up folder structure and the data cascade
2:51 Setting up the index page
3:05 Running Netlify init
3:24 Setting up netlify.toml for netlify dev
3:40 Putting it live already!
4:01 Adding data as static JSON files
5:03 Adding the custom domain on Netlify
5:25 womenofjamstack.com is LIVE LIVE!
6:05 A funny story

Web design
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