Building Websites for the New Normal: How the Pandemic Forever Changed Your School's Website's Role

Historical and data trends say a website revolution is on the way — is your school ready? While new decades often usher in new design trends, 2020 turned out to be more than just the beginning of a new decade.

Throughout 2020, websites were promoted to the primary means of connection — and the increased dependence on web design isn't going anywhere. Moving forward, what "works" is going to look a lot different in a post-pandemic era.

Join Finalsite's lead web design experts Ritsa Lafond and Kelly Wilson for an inspiring and informative presentation about the required evolution of your school or district's website as we move onward and upward!

In this webinar, you will learn:
- How expectations have changed since the pre-pandemic era, and what that means for your school's website
- Essential ways to adapt your school or district's website in order to remain relevant
- How to determine if your website needs just a refresh or a total redesign

If you are interested in how Finalsite can help your school or district, head over to https://www.finalsite.com
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