Building Passive Income With An Online Fitness Business With Katie Kasten-Wasalisin

Fitness influencer Katie Kasten-Wasalisin talks about monetizing online businesses, social media followers, and building a community to treat chronic pain through correct body movement. Athletic from a young age, Katie always kept her body moving, participating in sports such as roller hockey, basketball, and even figure skating briefly. The need to move was vital to her. After graduating high school and being out of sports, she found herself perplexed and dove into running and watching what she ate. This quickly developed into an unhealthy obsession with being “skinny,” which led to an eating disorder and severe body dysmorphia.

Luckily, through a scary and sudden discovery of scoliosis, Katie was informed she had to stop partaking in all impact activities. Frustrated with the need to move her body, her doctor recommended Yoga – An unexpected turn into what is now the origin story of her career in health and fitness. She fell in love with how Yoga empowered her to find love and strength within herself, discovering and teaching various forms of it. Her energy quickly translated into her classes, deviating them from your standard practices and making them the most sought-after in San Diego.

Her magnetic energy quickly caught the attention of Dr. Michael Wasilisin, creator of MoveU, who insisted she shares her talents with the world. Falling right into the health and fitness world, like she always dreamed of, Katie is currently one of MoveU’s leading instructors, a model, coach, and assistant teacher at several other brands, including her recent On-Demand classes via Bosu Ball.

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In this episode, you'll learn:

- Going from a traditional chiropractic office to an online business
- Monetizing social media followers
- See Katie demonstrate an exercise that helps alleviate her sciatica caused by scoliosis

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