Building my new website with GeneratePress | Part 4: Magical Wordpress Page Colors

Setting up unique page background colors in Wordpress is really easy with a little CSS, but I Iove to make things difficult. Actually, GeneratePress gives us an pretty simple way to accomplish this, though I decide to take it a few steps further with Advanced Custom Fields, Javascript, and CSS for a more seamless client experience (the client just happens to be me this time). So put on your trusty Javascript boots and join me for this magical code journey of adding and removing CSS classes.

LINKS (some are affiliate links):
AHD GeneratePress Child Theme: https://github.com/addisonhall/generatepress-child
GeneratePress: https://generatepress.com/?ref=144&campaign=YouTube
GenerateBlocks: https://generateblocks.com/?ref=105&campaign=YouTube

Here are the fonts I've used in the design so far:
Greycliff: https://connary.com/greycliff.html
Dolly: https://underware.nl/fonts/dolly/preface
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