Building an AI-powered Audiobook Generator (AI Product-a-thon)

Wouldn't it be awesome if you can listen to the most important concepts in a pdf than just scrolling and reading? What if you built your own 'Audio Book Generator' to create your own audiobooks in seconds?

This is exactly what you get to build as part of the 'Feedback First' program. As part of this discussion with a Feedback First mentor, you will get to learn what does it take to build your own AI-powered Audio Book Generator.

Here are the things you will do in the workshop:

1. Build a Web application using Flask to upload your pdfs
2. Use ML APIs to extract text from pdfs and generate audio
3. Build a search engine using the output from step 2

Chapters -
00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:41 What is the problem solved by an Audiobook Generator?
00:01:50 How does the Audiobook Generator work?
00:02:24 Audiobook Generator in action (Phantom Drive Demo)
00:04:35 Audiobook Generator Pipeline
00:07:52 Techstack of the Audiobook Generator
00:08:36 Creating a service account in Google Cloud
00:11:21 Enable Cloud Vision and TexttoSpeech APIs
00:13:00 Creating the Flask application
00:19:00 Accessing the audiobook
00:19:30 Conclusion

If you wish to learn the concepts in more detail, visit our website and set up a call with one of our mentors.

Link to the website: https://feedbackfirst.app

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