Build Your Own Design System with Georges Gomes

Understanding what design systems solve and when to build one is a complicated question. In this episode, we'll dive into it with Georges Gomes and learn how to build our own design system with Backlight Dev.

00:00:00 Guest introduction
00:01:53 How would you describe what you're building?
00:05:06 Collaborating vs hand off processes
00:09:19 How does a design system help you collaborate?
00:15:05 How do you keep the design system in sync with the app?
00:18:10 What is Backlight?
00:20:56 How should I start using Backlight?
00:34:53 Putting together components in Backlight
00:43:41 Improving documentation style
00:58:09 Making a button
00:59:59 Welcome
01:15:54 Everything can be started in the browser
01:17:30 Deploying Backlight design system
01:26:28 Where can we learn more about Backlight?
01:27:56 Would you build one per framework?

* demo: https://backlight.dev/doc/Pja8bfGrKxV37MQR6qQW/typography/doc/typography.mdx?p=doc


- https://backlight.dev/

- https://vitejs.dev/

- https://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/system-font-stack/

- https://astro.build/

- https://dusty.domains/

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- Netlify (https://lwj.dev/netlify)
- Fauna (https://lwj.dev/fauna)
- Auth0 (https://lwj.dev/auth0)

Live transcription by White Coat Captioning (https://whitecoatcaptioning.com/)


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