Build Websites from Scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (NO PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED)

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So, you want to learn how to make websites from scratch, eh? Well, you've come to the right place! In this course, I will teach you basics of HTML, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript through an interactive tutorial.

The goal of the class will be to build a beautiful website that displays widescreen images using a slideshow-type mechanic.

Even though it seems fancy, I'll teach you the necessary skills to build this in just 2 hours!

Some of the skills you'll learn in this class include:

- Setting up Visual Studio Code as your code editor
- Running a website locally on your computer
* Understanding basic HTML tags and attributes
* Creating navigation bars
* Displaying and resizing images
* Understanding the differences between inline and block elements
* Inserting locally stored images into your site
* Creating IDs and Classes in HTML that can be used in CSS
* Navigating between different pages of your website
* Understanding basic CSS properties
* Spacing elements properly
* Using external fonts
* Creating CSS hover effects
* Understanding basic CSS specificity
* Learn the basics of Flexbox
- JavaScript
* Changing HTML attributes via JavaScript
* Creating variables in JavaScript
* Creating functions in JavaScript
* Running JavaScript functions within HTML

(DISCLAIMER: Although we will use some JavaScript in this course, it is mostly focused on HTML and CSS.)
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