Build Blockchain from SCRATCH using JavaScript - learn Web Development

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Build Blockchain from SCRATCH using JavaScript - learn Web Development
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Create a Blockchain from SCRATCH and build your own Cryptocurrency and other Blockchain Applications.
Understand what and how actually blockchain works.,How to detect fraud in blockchains.,What Proof-of-Work is?,How really the rewarding to miners work.
None. Everything is explained in the course,If you know basic HTML that would be a plus.,Nowadays, everyone is talking about Blockchain.,But, what exactly a Blockchain is?,How it really works?,What are the some basic principles behind the Implementation of a Blockchain?,,Well all these questions will be answered in this course.,,First we will begin with some of the basics of Blockchain and Bitcoin.,In the second section we'll understand some basics of the JavaScript. ( If you know any Programming language to certain degree you can skip this.),In the third section we'll start building our own Blockchain.,The best thing is you really don't need to understand the programming stuff if you don't know what that really is. If you stuck at any point just ask in the Q&A section I will be happy to help you out.,,Web DevevelopersBlock-chain EnthusiastWho wants to make their own Cryptocurrency.Programmers.,Web Devevelopers,Block-chain Enthusiast,Who wants to make their own Cryptocurrency.,Programmers.
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