Build a website and start building the initial focus to get started

Ever wanted to know how to build a website?

Here I will learn how to do it quickly and easily ..

Feel free to start writing html or javascript so you can understand how an html site is written

A web page is written from the beginning. Let's see how to add a title or tags and also how to put gif in the page and how to align everything in the middle so that it is properly organized

Here in the video I will learn the following:
1- How to create a base for a page and get started
2- How to add tags
How to add a gif or image you want
How to give design to the whole story
How to put links and where to arrange to be beautiful

If you want to learn how these things work then I invite you to watch the video and learn

html You should learn to build, for example, a website or a hybrid application or you just want to know important knowledge for programming

Equivalent and recommended programs that I also work with are:
Web design
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