Build a Netflix-Style Web App Using React - Part 1 | Sachin Bhatnagar | KnowledgeHut

Have you ever wondered about what kind of features do complex apps like #Netflix require? How can you hone your skills as a #developer to build a range of features like user registration, local storage, smart search results, push notifications, social media integration, and subscription, among others?
Sachin Bhatnagar, #KnowledgeHut Program Director for #FullStack Development, in a two-hour, two-part, coding workshop walks us through the approach, the rigor, the technologies, and the skills that go into building FLIXXIT, a Netflix clone.

In this webinar, you will learn from Sachin:
- How to get started with building a Netflix-style app
- Understanding the various features required
- What technical front-end (HTML & CSS, React) and back-end (#JavaScript, - #HTML & #CSS, #React, #Express, #NodeJS, #MongoDB) skills and tools you’ll need to master
-Live #coding : Building a Netflix clone #app called #FLIXXIT

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