Build a Mindblowing 3D Portfolio Website //ree.js Beginner's Tutorial

Learn the basics of Three.js - a tool for building amazing
3D graphics with JavaScript. In this tutorial, we create an
animated 3D scrolling animation for a portfolio website

#3DWebsite #webdev #js

00:00 Mindblowing 3D Websites
00:42 What we're building
01:19 What is Three.js
02:12 Project Setup
03:35 Scene
03:52 Camera
04:28 Renderer
05:07 Geometry
05:28 Material
06:02 Mesh
06:16 Animation Loop
07:13 Lighting
08:45 Three.js Helpers
09:17 Orbit Controls
09:56 Random Generation
11:05 Scene Background
11:37 Texture Mapping
12:57 Scroll Animation
14:36 CSS Grid
Web design
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