Build a design system that (actually) empowers your team in Webflow

Why do you need a design system and framework for Webflow? For the companies we work with, a well-built design system helps them reach the next level — becoming living organisms that anyone can contribute to and make use of. We took what we learned working with dozens of product, marketing, and design teams to develop a framework with 1,000+ classes and 100+ components and pages. With it, anyone can prototype, iterate, and launch ideas — even without prior Webflow knowledge.

In this session, we’ll show you all the Webflow and Figma techniques we use to approach a design system, utilize live documentation, and keep everything consistent and up-to-date. Each conclusion we make along the way will have a concise and practical how-to that will inspire you to create your own empowering design system.

Greg Rog (he/him), co-founder, SystemFlow
Greg is a maker, serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of systemflow.co: a utility framework for Figma and Webflow. He's the author of over 100 courses, books, and articles on UI/UX, product and web design. He's committed to making online learning tech-driven and accessible.

Matt Wierzbicki (he/him), co-founder, SystemFlow
Matt is a co-founder, product designer, and creator based in Białystok, Poland. He loves to work on design systems and style guides, and he started using Webflow in 2016 for his everyday work. His mission is to design resources that will save designers and entrepreneurs time.

Presented at Webflow's No-Code Conference 2021.

#NoCodeConf #NCC

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