bro why are designer fashion websites so bad

From Zara's wacky model images to Supreme's washi-tape style website. We look into weird and questionable fashion websites' design choices and how it affects user experiences. Thank you to the sponsor of this video: Brevitē. Check out their cute, convenient backpacks at

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For one of my modules, we looked into conducting a "usability analysis" of popular fashion stores. This is essentially where you run a bunch of tests to determine how well a website performs regarding the user experience. If a website's crap you don't come back.
We used a scenario where a user goes to buy a jacket to test things like errors, how lost do people get on the website, think-aloud analysis where users say what they're thinking to uncover any issues, accessibility evaluation, how the website uses psychology principles to enhance the experience of shopping etc.
This is a condensed overview of some of the major findings and problems in modern fashion websites with known issues.
From a user experience point of view some of the choices make shopping more frustrating but can the same be said from a branding or visual aesthetic point of view?
Can we actually call these websites "bad"? Is the purpose they serve effective?

Note: I know that Zara is not a designer website by any means but they gave me Rick Owens vibes and were more "sophisticated" feeling in style comparable to some of the designer sites.

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More about user experience
The Definition of User Experience (UX)

0:00 - fashion websites are bad
1:10 - what is user experience
1:33 - the case of rick owens
2:57 - usability analysis
3:32 - the case of zara's weird model poses
5:30 - the case of supreme
8:44 - accessibility
9:15 - is "bad" even... bad?
10:00 - how do we make ecommerce ui ux unique but functional
11:00 - your thoughts?
11:46 - bloopers

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