BrisPHP Q4 2021 - WebP Images using Blade + Lightning talks

0:45 - Kickoff

1:34 - Introduction

3:45 - What's new in PHP land - by Nathan Dench (@nathandench)
Living under a rock? Struggling to keep up with /r/php and Twitter during COVID? Don't worry - Nathan has you covered with what's been happening in PHP land!

23:00 - WebP Images using Blade - by Dan Beeston (@dnabeast)
We're all versed in using Jpeg images but there are smaller and better options available. Using them is easy but making sure users on old browsers can see them, and providing alt version for retina displays, adds complexity. Dan will discuss the current solutions to the problem as well as demonstrate his Laravel package that automates the process.

48:03 - Break

1:28:34 - Lightning Talk 1: Interesting data techniques to solve business problems
James Harvey (@trycatchjames) discusses the different ways he thinks about data in order to solve problems at FoundU.

1:37:31 - Lightning Talk 2: Stress testing PHP
Sam Levy (@ImSamLevy) runs us through 3 ways he tried to push the PHP interpreter to it's limits, just because.

1:45:54 - Lightning Talk 3: Your tests suck. Try this one weird trick!
Tom Newy (@tomtomau) gives a quick overview of mutation testing in PHP with infection.github.io

This meetup will again be made possible by our great sponsors: CreditSense, Neto, Infoxchange and ProcurePro.

If you have an idea for a talk you'd like to hear, or you've recently done something quite interesting you'd like to talk about, reach out on our GitHub https://github.com/BrisPHP/meetups/issues
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