Brave Bitesize #91- Digital Marketing News: Can Content Pillars Save Your Online Content?

Here is Brave Bitesize #91, your 60-second weekly update on all things digital from SEO to PPC, through to Web Design & Development.

Let's face it, creating content isn't easy. Whether you're an experienced content marketer or you're trying to build an online community for your new brand, planning and creating the right content can be a tough nut to crack. But with the help of content pillars, streamlining the process becomes significantly simpler.

Using content pillars for social media is a great way to stay organized, be consistent, and create high-quality content your audience will love.

By choosing a handful of topics that you know your brand will consistently discuss, you are able to plan your content more efficiently, find your niche and grow an audience of people that trust your expertise in those topics.

The secret to creating successful content is having a strong sense of purpose. Pick topics you're experts in, analyse your follower trends and grow your community!
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