Brave Bitesize #71- Digital Marketing News: What eCommerce trends will we see in 2022?

Here is Brave Bitesize #71, your 60-second weekly update on all things digital from SEO to PPC, through to Web Design & Development.

Now, as the new year peaks its head around the corner, it's leaving many business owners and e-commerce marketers wondering "what trends can we jump on in 2022?".

With the last 2 years being so volatile and unpredictable, it might be time for many of us to get ahead of the game.

Trends such as AI-assisted upselling (which predicts user shopping habits), eco-friendly ideas such as biodegradable packaging and mobile-optimised shopping (which involves improving a customer’s experience while using their phones) are some of the biggest factors that could see an e-commerce business sink or swim in 2022. On average, e-commerce brands have a failure rate of 80% so to curb this, eCommerce marketers need to analyse the new trends that are emerging and optimise their websites to stay ahead of the competition.

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