Brave Bitesize #70- Digital Marketing News: What Christmas trends do brands need to drop?

Here is Brave Bitesize #70, your 60-second weekly update on all things digital from SEO to PPC, through to Web Design & Development.

The festive season is officially here. With little over 2 weeks left until Christmas, jingle bells and baubles are decorating nearly every ad campaign and promotion we see. But what marketing trends are consumers tired of seeing?

Well, according to studies run by the Young Entrepreneur Council, there's a bunch of sales and marketing habits that you can avoid to keep your customers interested. Fluctuating prices leading up to Christmas, starting a holiday campaign way too soon and not considering other geographies and cultures during this period are factors that can negatively affect your brand during the holiday season.

We know that this time of the year is the busiest for e-commerce businesses but taking control of your campaigns, planning your sales effectively and appealing to a wider reach of cultures can help you make the most of this festive season.
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