Brave Bitesize #61 - Digital Marketing News: What does an Omnichannel solution offer?

Here is Brave Bitesize #61, your 60-second weekly update on all things digital from SEO to PPC, through to Web Design & Development.

A lot of marketers and business owners are now investing in omnichannel commerce solutions. A recent study revealed over 44% of B2C buyers and 58% of B2B buyers research a product online before going to a physical store. Which means businesses are having to ensure that their websites, social media channels and apps all offer a similar customer experience as their bricks and mortar stores. In fact, just this week, Kingfisher who owns B&Q stated that 90% of their stores are used as digital hubs as well for online deliveries!

Omni-channel solutions offer a multichannel approach to sales that focuses on a seamless customer experience regardless of which channel the customer uses. They should literally provide seamless integration from one touchpoint to another, break down the walls between the channels in your business and empower the consumer to naturally interact with your brand.

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