Brand Development Project | Acushnet Federal Credit Union

A behind-the-scenes look at the brand development process for Acushnet Federal Credit Union. The client came to us looking to establish a brand before they engaged in some new advertising initiatives. Believe it or not, the credit union did not even have a unique logo but rather used a generic symbol used by many credit unions.

Getting to know the organization, we determined that local credit unions like this are all about community and neighbors helping neighbors. So we wanted the logo to somehow portray community. In addition, we thought we could somehow pay homage to the region's maritime history as well as the Wampanoag meaning of the word "Acushnet" which means rivers end. So, we started with some stick figure type people and brought them together to form the shape of a compass, and the horizontal line of the A points to a start or locations on the map where the river ends.

In addition, we re-designed the client's website and a number of various pieces of print collateral.

Learn more about brand development at https://smgnewengland.com/services/brand-development/

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