Boson Protocol dCommerce Meetup #6: Towards a Tokenized Economy

For Boson Protocol's 6th dCommerce Meetup we discussed how Boson Protocol represents the core infrastructure for an open tokenized economy, connecting smart contracts to real-world commerce.

On 28th October 2021, we were joined by Host Rhian Lewis, Developer Relations Advocate and Boson Protocol Founders Justin Banon and Gregor Borosa, along with Head of Strategy Jonas Seiferth and Cliff Hall, Tech Lead for the protocol team.

This was the first time we hosted the community in the Boson Portal event space, located within Boson Protocol’s own custom-designed space in Decentraland.

About Boson Protocol:
We are creating a decentralized commerce ecosystem that everyone can use and anyone can trust.

Boson Protocol is a decentralized infrastructure for enabling autonomous commercial exchanges of anyThing, specifically off-chain items. Boson is a peer-to-peer system which replicates the benefits of a market intermediary, without the disbenefits of centralized systems

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