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0:00 Opening
0:08 Demo of accordion
0:21 Step 1. Create a new html file
0:50 Step 2. Install Bootstrap 5 CSS and JS lib via CDN
1:17 Step 3. Open a web page to test
1:28 Step 4. Coding show
5:00 Thank you

1. Is the source code of demo the same as that at official site?
Not really. We made some modification based on the original source code. And the demos of code at official site are usually fragments while our codes are relatively complete which is more friendly to the ones new to bootstrap 5.

2. What is purpose to present the source code?
We represent the coding process to learners and wish it be of some help to understand the source code in a vivid way and say good bye to read the 'static' code from top to bottom.

3. Where can I obtain the source code?
You may visit the official site to copy fragments of original code for your needs. And if you want to know how the entire code looks like, you may check our code shown in the video by pressing pause.

4. Where to place my JavaScript code in real projects?
It is good to place your JavaScript code generally at the bottom of your html document before the closing tag of body. In my video demo, however it was copied and pasted into the head section and it does not matter to evaluate the code of accordion component.

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