BIM into 2022!

In a post-pandemic context, digitalization and sustainability are the tiwo pillars of economic recovery.

Investement in sustainable and digital initiatives is an accelerator of BIM methodology in public and private spheres.

Let’s talk about the role of Architecture in this.

About our guests:
Oriol Vidal Oviedo Vidal has 15 years of experience as Civil Engineer in a wide range of projects, such as airports, highways and buildings. He started in a construction company to change, after eight years, to consulting and construction management. Oriol currently works at Modelical, a partner for the digitalization of companies in the AEC sector and the implementation of BIM.

Sara Fernandez is an Architect with a Master in structural and construction engineering, Sara has been involved in large BIM projects, from airports, stadiums and office buildings to corporate BIM implementations. She has a background in circular economy applied to industrialized construction, and is specialized in improving the sustainability of the built environment by means of data technology.

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