Big Brands Use Editor X, and They Love It

Did you know that big brands use Editor X? Some are even moving from WordPress to Editor and Wix – here’s why.
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While WordPress is great and has a ton of customization and freedom. However, I think Editor X is better than WordPress from an overall perspective when considering designers and clients. These days, I prefer using Editor X over WordPress when building out a site for clients. Website development in Editor X is easier, more intuitive, and more mindful of responsive web design. In today’s video we’re talking with a member from the Creative X Crew about the advantages of Editor X and Wix, and how big brands like Vevo and Dunkin’ are moving away from WordPress.

We’ve done a WordPress vs. Editor X short in the past, and today’s video kind of reinforces some of those points we talked about in that video. If you’re looking for WordPress alternative that don’t require a ton of maintenance, security, plugin management, and getting support from different vendors, Editor X is the way to go. Since Editor X is built into Wix, all the updates are free, automatic, and you don’t have to mess with anything. All the support is one place, all the dashboards are in one place, and you’re paying for one thing. Is WordPress still good? Yes, but it’s not for everyone. Should I use WordPress for my next project? That depends, what values does the client have and how does WordPress meet those values and provide the necessary solutions.

It's been a misconception that WordPress is the be-all-end-all. This just isn’t true though. There are things out there that are better than WordPress and easier to manage than WordPress too. If big brands are using Editor X and Wix and finding success, all of us can too.

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