BeTheme Wordpress Tutorial - How to create a woocommerce website with wordpress and BeTheme

BeTheme wordpress tutorial - How to create a woocommerce website with wordpress and BeTheme.
Betheme is one of the best-selling multi-purpose wordpress theme at present time. In this betheme woocommerce tutorial, I am going to teach you how to create an eCommerce website by using what press and betheme. In this betheme wordpress tutorial, I am going to teach you how to install and activate betheme, how to create aslider using slider Revolution plugin, how to customize betheme default homepage, how to use various elements of betheme, how to use header using betheme header builder, how to customize footer, how to create betheme contact form e.t.c.

In this betheme wordpress tutorial also I give you a complete betheme review. You will learn everything about betheme customization and how to make website using betheme. Also, I will discuss how to create custom woocommerce page using bebuilder. I will design this entire demo site by using bebuilder as my default page builder. If you watch this video tutorial from starting to end, you will learn everything about this betheme and bebuilder.also I discuss betheme install demo content. For your practice purpose, I give betheme wordpress theme GPL download here.

Images and betheme free download link :

betheme wordpress tutorial video timestamp:
00:00:00 introduction of the betheme

00:01:58 betheme review (important features of the betheme)

00:08:46 introduction with the demo website of betheme tutorial

00:16:16 downloading and installing local server XAMPP

00:17:05 creating database in local server

00:17:29 downloading wordpress from

00:19:12 link up database with local files in local server

00:20:27 activating betheme

00:20:48 installing and activating all required plugins

00:23:13 setup woocommerce plugin in betheme theme

00:27:25 creating the slider using slider revolution plugin

00:34:48 creating homepage in betheme wordpress theme

00:37:00 creating product category in betheme

00:38:03 creating product attributes in betheme

00:39:46 creating simple product in betheme wordpress

00:41:52 creating variable product in betheme wordpress

01:05:00 creating subscribe form in betheme

01:06:56 creating clients in betheme

01:09:44 creating about us page in betheme

01:19:11 exporting and importing sessions in between pages

01:20:23 creating contact us page in this betheme tutorial

01:26:00 designing order tracking page in betheme wordpress tutorial

01:27:47 creating blog post in betheme

01:30:38 setup default homepage and blog page

01:31:04 designing the header in betheme theme

01:33:30 designing the footer in betheme theme

01:36:35 designing side bar for the shop page

01:38:47 changing footer copyright line in betheme

01:40:06 betheme install demo content

01:40:46 how to design custom woocommerce page template

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