Best Web Development Project Ideas 2021

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In this video, Ankush Singla, Co-Founder of Coding Ninjas, talks about various things that you should keep in mind when you make a web development project. He also gives some web development project ideas. These web development projects can make your resume stand out and help to showcase your skills during interviews.

Anyone can write on their resume that they’re a programming master— recruiters will want you to back it up with some concrete examples, and web development projects can be critical for the same.

00:00 Introduction
01:10 How to Evaluate a Good Project?
03:17 Mindset to Create Project
05:12 Front End Project: Game
06:58 Front End Project: Use Other's Back End
08:20 Front End Project: Media Player
09:30 Full Stack Project
09:42 Full Stack Project: E-commerce
11:25 Full Stack Project: Cloning
12:41 Full Stack Project: Necessities
13:40 Full Stack Project: Societal Benefits

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