Best web design courses 2022 (Unorthodox web design courses that changed my business)

In this video, I am sharing with you the best courses that have changed my web design business for the better. This comes off the back of a question that I am often asked: "What courses do you recommend?". So here I have a list of some of the best web design courses I have taken before now, some are very unorthodox when it comes to web development, but they have all contributed towards me building a much better web design agency and diversifying my service offering to make more revenue.

Each course has given me great and different ways of doing things, from outreach, finding clients, selling, processes, adding new services, you name it! I have been able to take all of my knowledge and experience within the web design industry and wrap it up into a fantastic training program of my own called the Agency Alchemist.

For the best web design course for beginners, and learning to run a successful web design agency, check out agency alchemist.

Here are the links to the six best web design courses 2022 I have mentioned:

Consulting accelerator (Sam Ovens)
** Accelerator program has been closed but there are other great programs still available.

Webflow Masterclass (ultimate web design course)

Predictable clients academy (No website)

Affluent Academy

Pait Academy

Ultimate SEO course

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