Best VS Code Extensions for HTML CSS and JavaScript

Best VS Code Extensions for HTML CSS and JavaScript

In this video tutorial we are going to see Best VS Code Extensions for HTML/CSS and JavaScript. You can also say that front end developer or web designer. Those are languages are used to design the webpages.

So, I'm going to share with you the VS Code Extension that are help us to save the bunch of time in projects.

1- Atom One Dark Theme
Atom One Dark Theme which used to design the code attractive, I really like the theme, So, I've been using the Atom theme.

2-JavaScript ES6
JavaScript extension is very helpful for us to suggest the JS code with the help of Extension. I also using the extension on my VS Code Editor.

3- Live Server
If you are working client side project, then the Live Server Extension is very important to you. You can use that and display code output on the browser without refereshing a page.

4- Prettier - Code formatter
Prettier Code Formatter which used to format the code on your editor. You can easily checkout the starting and closing project codes.

5-Path Intellisense
Path Intellisense which used to suggest the path where you want to get the files on your project. you can easily find the particular path.

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