Best UI Design Trends 2022 | What Web Design Trends to Follow in 2022?

In this video, we talk about the main UI design trends 2022.

What is UI design (user interface)? The UI is defined as an interaction between users and products and/or services. So we can say that UI design includes all the interactive and visual elements of a product interface. This includes buttons, icons, menu bars, and other elements. Many businesses focus on UI design to improve ​the overall user experience.

Website design for 2022 are about taking care of customers, their exclusiveness, and renouncing the “ideal visual”. This of course influences both desktop and mobile UI trends.

Some UI trends that were in great demand several years ago, still remain at the top. At the same time, some new web design trends have become common in 2021 and will continue gaining popularity in 2022 as well.

Watch our video and if you have any questions left on the main ui trends 2022, or if you think that we have missed something important, please leave a comment below. Let’s discuss the best web design trends together!

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0:00 What is UI? Color of the year by Pantone.
0:42 Main UI design trends of 2022
1:02 Vintage, 90s
1:48 3D and 3D animations
2:40 Artistic Illustrations
3:40 Brutalism
4:34 Asymmetry
5:34 Real photos
6:43 Scrollytelling
7:43 Minimalism
8:47 Summing up
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