Best Laptops for Programming in 2022 | Best Laptops for Coding

In this video, I talk about the best laptops for programming that you should consider in 2022.
There are not specific laptops that are made just for programming. This is because, for most programming tasks, almost any laptop can be used, since it's not CPU intensive.

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But on the other hand, if you will be using the laptop for hours each day, you must make sure you have these:
1. Great Keyboard
2. Ample Screen Size or an external monitor
3. At least 8GB RAM
4. At least 128GB SSD or a Hybrid model.
5. GPU: you don't need gpu for machine learning since 99% of the models you want to train cannot be trained easily on a laptop and you'll end up using a cloud computing platform for it.
6. Battery life: It's not required to have a great battery life, since you will be sitting and using it while plugged in, if you are a student, having a battery life does help.
7. CPU: Try to get the AMD processors, these are a lot faster than intel chips nowadays. But this isn't really a big deal unless you are doing android dev or game dev.

If you have a budget of more than 75K, just get the macbook air m1 from apple. This is the best laptop according to me for developers in that price segment.

If you want to go windows, Asus vivobooks, zenbooks, Acer Nitro 5, Acer Aspire 7, Xiaomi Mi Notebook are all great options.

Just make sure you get a laptop with an SSD.

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