Best FREE UI/UX Design software BETTER THAN PAID |Aryan Jain| (2021) | Free 3d illustrations in-app

Hi I am Aryan Jain,
In this video i talk about a free Graphic Design / UI/Ux software called Lunacy which is developed by ICONS8
I find this software extremely feature packed for a free software and infact better than paid softwares in the market.
We can import 3d and 2d illustartions,logos directly in app and use it
In my view this is the best free Design Software
I am a Python,Java & Front end Developer
In this youtube channel,
You will find some great tutorials regarding complicated topics in an easy way that even a 10 year old can understand .
This channel covers topics like Graphic Design ,Web Development,Programmming,Tools,Productivity ,Growth,Book Reviews
Consider sub and liking the video i spend hours and hours in these videos
Peace Out ,
Web design
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