Behind the Cloud: Modern Web and Mobile Design | Episode 6

Modern web and mobile design have the potential to be complicated and confusing. However, as architects, they are areas in which you need to have a solid grasp. Understanding them will allow you to provide architectural solutions that truly meet the needs of your users and customers.
This is why we are covering everything you need to know about modern web and mobile design in this episode. Joining me to do so are two amazing Product Managers. Kevin Hill is the VP of Product Management and Sue Berry is the Director of Product Management for Mobile Platform. Both have worked extensively with mobile apps and design along with a variety of tools.
Throughout our conversation today, we go through everything from the basics to complex concepts regarding how architects should consider building products on the web and mobile. Kevin and Sue explain all of these topics extremely well so tune in to learn it all from them.

Show Highlights:
- What it means to design and build on the modern web.
- How the landscape for mobile design has changed over the years.
- Why Salesforce invests so much in web standards.
- Why Salesforce is a part of the governing body of JavaScript.
- How architects should design and build applications for the best mobile experience.
- How to use SDK tools when building mobile apps.
- How mobile UI has improved integration and the ease of working within Salesforce.
- Advice for new developers.
- Whether you should rewrite old code or build new functionality.
- How Mobile Publisher can help you with branding and publishing mobile apps.
- What’s coming up for modern web and mobile design.
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