Beginners Lessons learned creating and selling NFT news Online | HNVLOG 2022

I love to learn and share some new tech, this is a short video of my experience launching an NFT collection.

TO learn about marketing, check out this great video

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To check out the NFT collection:

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Henri Nyakarundi is a social entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of ARED GROUP, a smart way to deliver key digital services, using a smart solar kiosk and mobile application, for low-income people in rural and refugee camps. Henri Nyakarundi is also an award winner and a Pan-African with over 10 international awards under his belt.
His purpose is to develop technologies to address challenges the African continent is facing today, especially in the fight against poverty.
Henri is also a public speaker and shares expertise in the impact space in Africa and knowledge about the future of entrepreneurship on the continent and how to improve on the ecosystem. His passion is to prepare the next generation of leaders and give them an insight into the real game that we call entrepreneurship.
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