Beginner’s guide to interior design rendering — Part 7: Creating a realistic carpet.

This video is part of the ‘’Beginner’s guide to interior design rendering’’ tutorial series, designed to show you how you can create great-looking interior renders from start to finish with V-Ray for Cinema 4D.

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Watch this video to learn how to create a carpet using V-Ray Fur. Nejc shows you how to set up the geometry and the V-Ray Fur object, gets you familiar with the basic, as well as the more advanced parameters, demonstrates how you can tweak them to achieve a realistic look, and teaches you how to create a carpet material. Plus, he shares some more advanced workflows for experimenting with custom patterns and animating your V-Ray Fur objects.

Learn more about V-Ray Fur and its parameters here - https://docs.chaos.com/display/VC4D/V-Ray+Fur

00:00 Intro
00:40 Setting up the base geometry
02:24 Bringing in V-Ray Fur
03:57 Setting up the hair strand distribution and count
05:45 Tweaking the length and thickness
08:33 Other basic parameters
10:05 Exploring the variation parameters
12:28 Exploring the curl parameters
13:33 Creating the material for the carpet
16:55 Creating patterns using shaders and bitmaps
20:20 Creating patterns and animations using Fields
25:02 Outro

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