Before and after Pseudo elements in CSS | Web Development Tutorials

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Before and after Pseudo elements in CSS | Web Development Tutorials
What You Will Learn:
Styling Websites using different CSS properties.
How to set colours, background colours, adding background images
Changing font sizes, font family and other related things.
You will learn how to add border and border radius to html elements.
You will learn about adding shadows to text, images and other html elements.
You will learn about the most popular layout properties.
You will about flexbox and properties related to it to make beautiful layouts.
Grid system which is two-dimensional layout property to make layouts.
You will also learn how to make responsive websites using Media Queries.

After completing course on CSS you will be able to style your website to make it look good. HTML is just used to make Skelton and defining content on the website. If you want to make your website, look good you will have to learn CSS in order to style your website. You can make layout of website using things like flexbox and grid, which are the two most popular css properties to make layout of a website. You will also learn about media queries which you can use to make your website responsive so that it looks better on small size devices.
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is a styling language which is used to style your website. By using CSS you can create look and feel of a website. It’s the most popular technology in the market to style websites. After learning CSS you can move on the CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or tailwind css. You can also learn CSS Pre-processors like SASS or Less which comes up with more features on top of simple CSS Properties.

Before starting this course, you should have a working knowledge of Following:
• Basic Knowledge of HTML

This training is compatible with Window 7, Window 8, Window 8.1, Window 10. MAC operating system.

You are hereby advised to visit and get yourself certified in CSS Beginners to advance course, furthermore you'll have to meet the following criteria for earning this particular Registered Certification.

• You will have to complete all 52 lessons through Virtual Academy Online Learning Management System at
• Every lesson has 3 to 5 quizzes, which you must have to pass with 70% marks.
• You need to submit your project/assignments on time.
• After completion of Virtual Academy offered CSS Basic to Advanced Training lessons via Online Learning Management System there will be final exam which comprises of 50 to 100 questions.

After having assessment of your account with whether you meet all the above terms and conditions, then we will dispatch your Certificate/Diploma at your given address.

For further queries please read FAQs or you can contact us at [email protected]
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