Become Full Stack Web Developer in 2021 - Complete Roadmap

In this video, we will look at the complete roadmap of becoming a full-stack web developer in 2021, how you should learn things, and from where.

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codedamn 1337 Membership, 2021 Edition:
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Frontend Technologies:
- CSS3
- JavaScript
- Git
- React
- React Query
- Material UI
- react-testing-library
- Cypress
- Chrome DevTools
- Next.js

Backend Technologies:
- HTTP Fundamentals
- Linux basics
- Node.js
- TypeScript
- MongoDB
- Redis
- GraphQL
- Docker

00:00 My Introduction
01:09 Frontend Web Development
01:28 HTML/CSS/JavaScript
02:35 Git
03:07 React
04:39 Code Testing
05:25 Chrome DevTools
06:29 Advanced Frontend
07:50 Next.js
09:10 Backend Web Development
09:35 HTTP Fundamentals
10:25 Linux Basics
11:22 Node.js
12:13 TypeScript
14:10 Databases
14:45 Caching
15:36 GraphQL
16:38 Docker
16:54 CI/CD
17:54 How to learn everything
19:22 codedamn 1337
21:00 New year offer
22:05 Free Resources

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I am Apple's WWDC'19 Scholar - visited San Fransisco and attended WWDC. Currently working on my own startup - codedamn.
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