Become a web developer - The smart way

In this video I'm explaining why I fell in love with programmation in the first place and how I would learn to code if I had to do it again.

Often we ask me where to start and how I become a software engineer without a computer science degree. To make it simpler and more actionable I created a guide that I called "web dev journey". It's quick and easy to follow.


There is no silver bullet, you truly need to put time and effort into it, but if you do, your life will change. At least it did for me!

I spent a lot of time on this video learning a lot of things about film making, storytelling and editing, I hope you'll like it!


00:00 - Intro
00:40 - Why I love coding
02:00 - Is coding an art?
02:58 - Path to become a web developer easily
07:05 - Fixing a bug (True joy of being a dev)

Thanks to Vecteezy for the Human anatomy images done by https://www.vecteezy.com/free-vector/human-anatomy
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