Batch#14 Exclusive Demo Session of Freelancing Fiverr+Upwork by Shahzad Hashmi

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Freelancing Skills Academy is a freelancing skills training initiative launched in line with the vision of Pakistan’s ambitions towards a digitally progressive Pakistan to unleash the potential of youth. The Institute is registered with:

SECEP: Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
FBR: Federal Board of Revenue
ECAC: Registered Partnership Concern Registered
GOP IPOP: Govt of Pak intellectual property organization

Pakistan has the 2nd largest youth population, and they can use their positive energies to make themselves financially stable through digital freelancing skills.

Due to changes in local and international market dimensions and consumer behavior, most businesses are keenly interested in switching their business online. Moreover, the increase in online business trends is the major reason for producing a bundle of online skills demands that need to be fulfilled. In addition, it can only be countered through a knowledge economy.

Freelancing Skills Academy is endeavoring to channel, concentrate and converge our youth to be the leaders in the fourth industrial revolution, where IT Skills and creativity are the winning tools.

Freelancing Skills Academy is focused on helping young career seekers realize the job market trends and understand that IT Skills are now more important than conventional education. Youth must be smart and equipped with the latest digital skills as early as possible.

Women at home also constitute a major portion of society and, if given the opportunity, can do miracles in the nation’s economic growth. Freelancing Skills Academy provides equal opportunity to this segment through flexible timings and locations of own choice.

A continuously evolving stack of Information Technology Programs consoling the latest technologies are available at Freelancing Skills Academy, and you must enroll in your desired course.

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