Basics of Web APIs [1] | Learn ASP.NET Core Web API Tutorials | Restful Web API using ASP.NET Core

Hello Everyone,
This is the first video of the ASP.NET Core Web API tutorial.

In this complete course of ASP.NET Core 3.1 Web API you will learn:
⚈ Basics of WEB APIs
⚈ Understand HTTP Methods and URI Theory
⚈ Develop the RESTful Web API with Asp.Net Core
⚈ Create & Consume your WEB APIs
⚈ Working with Database
⚈ Implement Get Methods
⚈ Implement Post, Put, Delete Methods
⚈ Understand HTTP Status Codes
⚈ Test your APIs with Postman

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► After this course, Must Enroll in a detailed course on Web API:

Advance topics that we will be cover in detail course of Web API:
⚈ All above topics
⚈ Consume your APIs in UI Project
⚈ Implement CRUD operations from UI Project
⚈ Load related entities from WEB API to UI Project
⚈ Handle Global Errors in WEB API and UI Project
⚈ Secure your WEB APIs - Cookie-Based Security
⚈ Secure your WEB APIs - JWT(JSON WEB TOKEN) Based Security
⚈ Learn CQRS Design Pattern - Specially designed for Web APIs
⚈ WEB API Project

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