Balancing Life as an After-Hours Entrepreneur with Mark Savant

Ep. 170 - Raise your hand if your web design business is currently a side hustle!

Raise your other hand if your goal is to take it full time!

Raise your whole body if it’s freaking hard as heck to balance life, a full-time job and a side hustle!

Yep, it’s very difficult to successfully grow a side hustle while essentially being an after-hours entrepreneur and working nights and weekends…

But the good news is it can be done!

In this episode, host of The After Hours Entrepreneur Podcast, Mark Savant, shares his top tips, strategies and advice for building your side hustle while working a full-time job and working…after hours!

For those of you trying to navigate this journey of building your side hustle web design business so that you can go full time one day, this is your episode!

But even for those of you doing web design full time, these tactics and tips will help you bring on other endeavors, passion projects, etc.


In This Episode

00:00 - Introduction
04:00 - Greeting to Mark
06:01 - What’s in a name
10:57 - Applying your after-hours
13:31 - Lean into what works
19:11 - Find great people
21:29 - Outsource & automate
24:41 - If you have $1,000,000
26:44 - Find your space
30:30 - Clear expectations
36:49 - Thoughts on the landscape
43:38 - Be organized not overwhelmed
47:55 - Great community
53:57 - Where to find Mark
58:13 - Mindset of “You can”

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